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Lori started tutoring math as a hobby in 1995 after leaving her data processing job of 8.5 years in 1994. Tutoring seemed like a natural thing to do since she had tutoring jobs in junior high school and tutored her friends' children over the years. She always had the belief that anyone could learn anything, no matter the difficulties or previous bad experiences. Around 1998-99, Lori read Calculus By and For Young People-Worksheets by Don Cohen. Although she had always been an excellent math student this book opened her eyes. Lori added this curriculum to the MathHead repertoire immediately. Since then, even when her students have been just plain stumped, they understand more quickly and her students frequently exclaim, "But that seems so EASY!" Lori has been able to tutor and teach students from 2½ to those in their fifties. She uses simple, pattern driven exercises and puzzles to teach more difficult ideas so that even little ones can understand. And if a little one can understand then anyone can! She is determined to undermine the myth that only the gifted or only boys can understand calculus and other complex math subjects. She has expanded from tutoring individuals to teaching small groups of home schooled students to help them obtain the math skills they will need to enter college or university. Lori is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Arts with a math concentration.


In 2003, Lori's husband Joseph Morse joined the business. In addition, to already having a B.S. in Mathematics, Joe has his Masters Degree in Mathematical Statistics. He served as a substitute math teacher in the North Kansas City School District in Spring 2004 and a graduate assistant teaching algebra and statistics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Joe did a short stint as senior statistical analyst for a large tax firm and is currently teaching mathematics at the Southwest Early College Campus, Kansas City, MO.


Lori and Joe's goal is to take a subject that instills anxiety in many and make it fun and exciting. In the process they will teach every student the confidence they need to learn anything they want.

In the Fall 2008, Lori and Joe both passed the PRAXIS II (Teacher Licensure and Certification: Mathematics Content Knowledge 0061).

Lori Johnson Morse and Joe Morse, Owners

To sign up for a class or for more information please e-mail or call 816.560.8098.