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MathHead Tutoring : FAQ's


The simple answer is yes.

TRUE ACCOUNT: Recently, Joe was studying with some classmates, one of whom did not know about the MathHead program. Joe explained to her that many of the concepts that MathHead students learn are the same concepts taught in Masters and Ph.D. programs. Joe showed her the first exercise in the Worksheet book and that the concept was EXACTLY the same as an exercise in one of their texts. The exercise looks just like this:

Real Analysis Example

"What is the area of the black region?"

Joe's classmate was a little skeptical so she asked one of their professors, Dr. Richard Delaware, if Joe and Lori could do what they claimed. He answered, "Of course, you can teach a kid calculus! I have Don's video tape." Dr. Delaware had a conversation with Lori later and told her that he liked Don's method and it works well with kids. That was exciting!

After getting to a stopping point in the first exercise in chapter one in the Worksheet book, Joe and Lori love to share with students that adults learn the same things in college. The kids think its really cool, knowing adults are learning the same concepts. We hope the skeptics will approach this method like a child and just have fun.





When Joe was in college, he and his math buddies spent so much time doing math that they called themselves 'MathHeads'. When Lori started her tutoring business Joe suggested that she call the business 'MathHead Tutoring' and so it remains.

DO YOU DO THIS (tutoring) ALL DAY!?!?!

Actually, Joe and Lori used to tutor only in the afternoons. Some students who went on to college have needed help during the day. It wasn't until last few years that home schoolers signed up for day classes. Many times the MathHeads are tutoring late at night. So you could say Lori and Joe sometimes tutor all day (but not every day) and they love it!


Joe and Lori love math more than any other subject.