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MathHead Tutoring: YAY!!!!

We're excited to share our students' reasons to say, “YAY!”.YAY

FEBRUARY 19Sophie S. is now a high school senior in trigonometry AND calculus simultaneously.  She didn't believe she could get this far two years ago.  She had very little confidence in her ability to learn these tough subjects.  Sophie is clear proof that perseverance pays.  She is coming to us now for a little help in calculus but she is “sailing through trig.”  Here's the best part:  Two weeks ago, Sophie tutored another student, who has been gettting C's and D's in trigonometry.  The tutee got her first B in trigonometry, ever!  After tutoring and seeing how much we love our work, Sophie wants to be... a math tutor.  

Sophie has truly come into her own.  We are so proud of this young lady and the confidence she has gained through her determination and hard work. (There's more about Sophie below.)

FEBRUARY, 10:  Zach S. doesn't have confidence in his math ability but just got 100% on a college algebra quiz, so he is definitely capable of getting A's and B's on a regular basis.  Practice hard, Zach!

Sara P. has been a student at Mathhead off and on since 2007.  This school year is the year she pulled out all the stops!  She sent this message January 12, 2010:

“I just want to update you on my math life! I finished with a high A first semester (Algebra I), and haven't missed a point so far in the second... I was thinking about taking geometry and algebra two next year instead of just one math class. Do you think I can do it?

Of course we encouraged her to go for it. Sara has since been approved to take both classes. Yay, Sara!!! (More about Sara P. below.)

JANUARY 15, 2010:  Penny wrote to tell how well her daughter Paige is doing:

“Paige is doing very well being back in R______ and your tutoring has helped her excel in Algebra I there! Thank you so so very much for all you did for her!!!!!!!...Paige finished the semester with a B+.”

DECEMBER 22:  It's a wonderful thing when a student toughs it out until good things happen.  Nick M. did just that:

“I got a 3 on the final! So I have a B+ in calc for the semester! Couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks a ton.”

DECEMBER 21:   Jordyn T. sends fantastic news:

“You will never guess! I got an A in math (Algebra II)!!! A 93% on my final! I am going to message you my grade card ( my tests at least! ) :D Want to know how I did it? 3 hours of studying :D”

Did you get that?  Jordyn studied for 3 hours.  There is no substitute for hard work.  It most certainly helped her become more comfortable with the material.  Can you tell this kid is happy!!  Excellent work, Jordyn!

August 2009

This letter was a fantastic way to start off the semester:

I wanted to thank you again for focusing your talent and efforts with Brad and Ryan. Once again, with the help of your tutoring, Bradley has been successful. Brad tested into an advanced math class at ________ high school. He is one of three freshman in a class of sophomores.

Your inspiring personality and your math tutoring skills are outstanding!

Just 15 months ago, Brad was frustrated in a lower level math class during his seventh grade year. During the summer 2008, your tutoring allowed Brad to test out of pre-algebra, and into his eighth grade algebra course. Summer 2009 your tutoring helped Brad to test into an advance algebra class at _________ high school. This school is one of the top academic schools in the country, and your teaching skills are propelling Brad toward greater achievements. You have truly been a Blessing to our household. You have made a tremendous difference in the confidence level of Brad, and helped broaden his ability to dream larger.

Thank you.

Brad W. Wilkins

Thank you, Brad! We appreciate your heartfelt letter. ANY student can have the success that young Brad did. If you want the same experience, contact us today! Phone: 816.560.8098, EMAIL.

Summer 2008

Elie wrote to say that she got an “A” on her final. She only missed two points. Michael M. ended this semester with a “B” after struggling last semester. Grace, aced differential equations. That's exciting because, according to many professor, that is difficult to do. Yeah Grace. Cassie wasn't very confident about passing college algebra because according to her, she has never done well in math. She worked very hard and earned a C, a solid grade. Bradley studied with us this summer to test out of pre-algebra. He learned a years' material in 13 days of tutoring and passed. He is now in Algebra I.

Georgia is one of our adult students who came to us 2002. To say she struggled with math is an understatement. She got nauseous whenever she had to think or do math. This summer we saw her working at our eye care center! Here's the update: We helped her get a B in the prerequisite to college. Even better, she went on to get a B in college algebra without our help. We love that! We think Georgia did very well because our eye doctor has very high standards and everyone working there seems to be happy and enjoy their jobs. Congratulations, Georgia!

March 2008

We got this correspondence March 29 in two emails from Grace's dad Jay: “Lori, just checking in with you. Grace is doing great at the University of _____. Words cannot express the appreciation for your excellent assistance ....I am proud to be associated with you. Lots of people talk the talk but do not walk the walk. You dear lady are a very fast walker!  Grace just got a 100% on [differential equations]... Although you are not tutoring her in this, I do feel that the combination of an extraordinary high school math teacher along with your extraordinary tutoring skills have brought her an incredible foundation for math success.

Please feel free to have prospective students and parents of yours call me for a reference.” ---Jay

If you would like to talk to Jay, please send us email or contact us at 816.560.8098.

February 2008

Carol tells us that at this time last semester her daughter had a “D” in Algebra II. In the last week of January, Michelle got an "A" on her test after one session with Mathhead. Great job, Michelle!

January 2008:

We're always excited to see our former students. February 29, Whitney came for a visit. We helped Whitney in 2005 with high school trigonometry. When she started with us she was confident she could SKIP college algebra on her quest to becoming a nurse. Whitney gained the confidence to take college algebra and did well. She had taken the ACT three times and received 22's. We just found out that we helped her get a 25 on her last try which was enough for scholarship money!

Sara P. is moving up in pre-algebra class. In December she had a “U”, the middle equivalent of “F”. Sara just got a 96% on her latest test and now her grade in the class is 86.4%. Sara also passed the entrance exam to get into the private school of her choice. Yeah, Sara P.!

Tenth-grader Sophie had three tests to make-up and has been extremely worried that she would not do well. She got 3 A's so her class grade is now 99%! Good work!

Elie has 101.2 % in algebra which may be the 2nd highest grade in the class. She brought her grade up since last October only coming 30 minutes weekly. Sometimes it doesn't take much.

Hannah L., who had a D in trigonometry last semester, now has an A and consistently gets A's on her tests. Her brother Victor, whose grade was a “D” or and “F” (he can't remember which) has 91% in IB algebra to start this semester. Now that's what we like to see!


May 1, 2007: Hannah H., a middle school student, went from an F on March 3 to a B+ on May 1! It took only seven tutoring sessions. This has given her the incentive to go for an A by semester's end. Way to go Hannah!
APRIL 3, 2007: You read about Lisa on March 24. She sent this email TODAY: “Hey Lori I wanted to thank you for all the E-mails... those should help me out so much!! And I wanted to thank you for seeing me that one time on short notice... you are always so helpful. I also wanted to inform you that I got a 94% (an A yay!) on that calculus test... so thank you so much!! I was so excited and happy!!! That trig circle helped a lot! ...thanks Lisa
p.s. “ Psst.... and they said I couldn't do it!!!!”
We never get tired of that kind of excitement. Contact us if you want the same: 816.560.8098 or email.

MARCH 24, 2007: Lisa came to us in high school for help in college algebra. Now she needs us for help in her college calculus class. Here's the cool part: the head of the math department told her she couldn't register for calc class without trigonometry or pre-calculus. Her response: Don't tell me what I can and can't do. I need this class if I'm going to graduate on time. Did she get in? YES! The lesson: don't let ANYONE tell you that you can't. It took courage to say what she did. Good job, Lisa! We teach this lesson at Mathhead all the time. It's great to see it in action.

MARCH 19, 2007: K. S. aced his college algebra final and the class. He didn't expect it even though he had aced every test this semester What can we learn from K. S.?: FEEL THE DOUBT AND STUDY ANYWAY!

MARCH 12, 2007: Whitney, a high school senior, got an 86 percent on her college algebra final even thought she hates math (but still loves Mathhead). She got over her fear by remembering what Lori MathHead always encouraged her to do: “stay calm, think about what you are doing, read the problems carefully, and write all your work”. GO WHITNEY!

FEBRUARY 21, 2007: K. S. is repeating college algebra but getting help from Mathhead for the first time. He got 100% on his first test of the semester. YEAH, K. S.! Keep up the good work.

*** JANUARY 5, 2007: (email from Grace's dad) Hello Lori, well if Grace has not already told you, then you can add another “A Grade” from one of your students! She received this grade in Calculus 2 at _________College. Congratulations. Quite frankly, when people mention taking a Calculus 2 course, this really limits the conversation because so very few ever achieved an “A”. <more>


OCTOBER 31, 2006: Liz used to whimper like a puppy at the thought of doing any kind of algebra but she just got 100% on an algebra test. Her first 100% EVER!

NOVEMBER 7, 2006: Grace, a high school senior, has one B test grade among her the rest of her A's in Calculus II. (Grace comes from 31 miles away and her dad Jay says, “You would be crazy not to hire Mathhead.”)

NOVEMBER 10, 2006: Heather, another senior, started with Mathhead October 17. She got a 92% on her latest calculus test. Now she has a B in the class.

One mom did not understand the concept of “1/2” when she and her daughter started in June 2006. Now she is working on infinite series. Another student improved his grade 30 percentage points in 5 weeks!

These are just some of “our kids'” many successes. Get on a speedy track to better grades. Contact us now ( 816.560.8098 or email).